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  Gan London, Ha'apla Memorial Site
Tel Aviv 2003
Gan London is a memorial site in commemoration of the Ha'apala operation totaled 168 voyages carrying over 70,000 Holocaust survivors from Europe to the shores of the Jewish State.
  From Abraham to Jesus
USA 2006
The exhibition was designed as a traveling museological experience in the U.S. It presents a vast and significant collection of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  The Palmach Museum
Tel Aviv 1999
A walk through experience conveys the story of the war of independence and the events prior to the establishment of the state of Israel through the eyes of a fictional group of young recruits.
  National Philatelic Museum
Tel Aviv, Ramat Aviv 1998
This age-old subject is exhibited in a narrative technique. The museum appeals to youngsters interested in the role of postage stamps and mail as a tool for learning history.
  The Turkish Hammam
Acre 2003
A walk through experience in the Turkish bathhouse of Acre. The Hammam was built in the 18th century by Ahmad el-Gazar. The history is told through the eyes of the last Turkish bath house attendant.
  The Armored Forces Memorial Monument
Latrun 1998
The Monument complex is located on the grounds of the Israel Armed Forces' War Museum. Heroism, commemoration, bereavement, and information are the themes on which the project was designed.
  Masada Visitors Center
Masada 1999
Before climbing up the mountain of Masada, the visitor is exposed to the highlights of the story of Masada starting with King Herod palaces and ending with the Roman siege and the fallen of Masada.
  Masada Open Museum
When visiting the Masada mountaintop, one encounters architectural findings that are living evidence of King Herodís palaces, on the background of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea panorama.
  Arad Visitors Center
This regional museum tells the story of Arad from both archaeological and environmental viewpoints, emphasizing mankind and its habitat through the ages.
  Legends and Myths of Jaffa
The Visitor's center is dedicated to Legends and Myths of Jaffa and is located in an underground archeological site.
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