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  Levi Eshkol House
The museum located, in the official historical prime minister`s residence in the heart of Jerusalem is dedicated to the life and heritage of Levi Eshkol 3rd Israel's Prime Minister.
  The Historical Semakh Train Station
Semakh 2015
The Semakh train Station was the most important station along the Haifa branch of the Hijaz Railway, due to its strategic location, at the crossroads which connected Palestine, Jordan and Syria.

  The Zionist Journey- Environmental Statue
Azrieli Towers - Tel Aviv
Inspired by the statue of Auguste Rodin: "The Burghers of Calais", the initiator David Azrieli asked us to create a statue that expresses milestones in the Zionist Journey.
  The Hebrew Language Park
Rishon Lezion 2013
Gan Be-Ivrit (Garden in Hebrew) is a theme park, inaugurated in 2013 in the city of Rishon Lezion. The park contributes greatly to the hallmarking of Rishon Lezion as Israel's city of the Hebrew language.
  120 Years of Railways in Israel
The old Rail Station, Jerusalem, 2013
Historical display that shows mile stones of the railways in the land of Israel, since the Ottoman period when the first train departured from Jaffa to Jerusalem in 1892. The display includes also future development plans of the Israeli Railways.
  The Herodian Quarter
A new display on this historical site - a Jewish Neighborhood from the Second Temple period, where the visitors could witness and experience the archaeological findings, visualized and contextualized by compelling storytelling.
  The Venice experience
Venice, Italy
This project, currently being designed for Vista Historica Company, will be constructed, using a modern approach for creating a museum / cultural / historical walk through experience.
  The Diamond Museum
Ramat Gan 2008
The new Diamond Museum, situated within the Israeli diamond Stock Exchange compounds in Ramat Gan, offers the visitor a unique and didactic experience of the precious mineral known as Diamond.
  The Masada Museum
Masada 2007
Unique and innovative museological experience at Masada. Combining archaeological artifacts and theatrical atmosphere with accompanying radio play and audio explanations.
  The Chain of Generations
Jerusalem 2005
Museological experience adjacent to the Western Wall. Sculptured in music, light, smoke and glass, the project offers the visitor a spiritual experience different from that of any museum.
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