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  The Israeli Railway Heritage Center
Lod, Israel
The Train Heritage Entrance Hall will be established in the Railway Management Building in Lod. It will create a dialogue between the romantic past and the high tech future while emphasizing the long journey the railway system has made from its making till today.
  State of Israel National Gallery
Jerusalem, Israel
The National Gallery of Israel will reconstruct the dramatic times when the foundation of the state of Israel were experienced. It will emphasize its revolutionary significance while reviling the Jewish history and heritage background.
  Knites of Rhodes Park
The Island of Rhodes
This project is a tourist enterprise based on the creation of an historical-inspirational spectacle. It is located in the area of the park that lies at the foot of the Crusader City’s wall and of the Rhodes Palace of Grand Masters.
  The National Hebrew museum
Rishon Lezion 2009
The national Hebrew museum will be an interactive space, one of its kind in the world, that will tell the fascinating story of the rejuvenation of the Hebrew language and its becoming of an everyday spoken language.
  Zippori National Park
Zippori, Israel
The history and heritage of Zippori are a national treasure that should be displayed to its best advantage, and this project aims to achieve this goal, for the benefit of the Jewish people, the State of Israel and its Northern Periphery.
  Jeremiah's Pit
Jerusalem, Israel
In the summer of 1998, archeologists exposed, at about 7 meters underneath the ground, a public water pit, dug through the rocks of the northern part of City of David Archeological Site in Jerusalem. Both its size and its location indicate that this could be the famous Jeremiah pit.
  The Florence Walk through Experience
Florence, Italy
The attraction proposed, would enable experiencing, the historical events and glory of Florence, through the stories of the people who lived at that period.
  The Wonders of Cappadocia
Cappadocia, Turkey
The project will add another dimension to the traveler's experience that will tell the stories of the people who lived here and the historical events that took place in the breathtaking Görme valley.
  The Istanbul Hammam
Our project focuses on the city's vast history to provide a fulfilling experience that will unfold the complex relationship between past and future, myth and romance, culture and amusement, as well as fantasy and reality in this city.
Ephesus, Turkey
We bring Ephesus to life through a dramatic story that takes place in a theatrical environment. Visitors will take part in a tour of the city. Wandering through meticulously designed spaces and encompassed by a three-dimensional environment.

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